Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday Morning Sinai

Exodus 20:18 -20 Sunday Morning Sinai

I have to say that Exodus is one of my favorite Old Testament books. It is a beautiful picture of God's redemptive plan and His relentless pursuit of relationship with us.

Remember all that God has done up to this point. He has delivered Israel from Egypt, destroyed Pharaoh and His army in the Red Sea, gone before them with a cloud by day and fire by night, fed them with manna and quail, and caused water to flow from a rock to quench their thirst. Now, the very one who did all of those things wants to reveal Himself to them personally. I don't know about you, but I would want to experience that myself.

So here's the deal, God speaks to Moses and tells him what He wants to do. He tells them to consecrate themselves over a period of three days in preparation to meet God. After Moses receives the Law he comes down shares the plan with the people. Then God comes down and the people shrink back in fear. They tell Moses you listen to God, tell us what he says, and we will do whatever tells us to do.

I titled this thought "Sunday Morning Sinai" because that is still happening today. Many are content to rely on the Pastor to represent us before God and then represent God to us. Rather than the people enjoying and taking advantage of all that Christ has done to consecrate us-make us holy and acceptable before God-for the purpose of restoring right relationship with God Himself. When we come to completely rest in God's marvelous Grace and realize that Christ is enough we can begin to experience a rich and intimate relationship with God.

What's really sad is the number of people who still shy away from God in fear because they still believe they have do the work that Christ already completed. As a result many still rely on Pastor to be their Moses. You know, Pastor, you hear from God for us, labor and toil in God's word to feed us, and we'll do whatever He say's. For the most part we are experiencing the same results today as Moses did in his. As you would see if you continue to read on in Exodus.

The Take Away: God desires me, us! He doesn't want me/us to rely on a Pastor or any other person to have a relationship with Him for us. God has removed the barrier of sin that separated us from Him through Jesus so we could separated to Him in Jesus. God is speaking today and He really wants me to hear and understand what He is saying. He has provided His living word to feed us. Trust Him and walk with Him today. Don't be content to live off of others experience. Go to His word, seek His face, trust in God's grace and mercy, and get to know the lover of your soul.