Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fighting for the Heart of the King

Taken from the Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus 
I loved the book. So much of what the church has become and is about really isn't even close to our King's heart. It's almost as if we will fight for and about everything except His heart. The church is seemingly passive with her mission and aggressive with her preferences. The battle many of our churches should be fighting is for the heart of our King to return to the weakened, sick, and some cases terminally ill churches scattered throughout the country and not engaging in worship wars, personal style, room temperature, color of paint and carpet, pews or chairs, Sunday school or small groups, budgets, and certainly not letting the world know what we are against instead of who and what we are for. If this post offends, while not the intent, check your heart because you may be fighting for the wrong king. #fightfortheheartofyourKing #thebarbarianway #ErwinMcManus #lovedoes #lovewins